We can play with the big dogs, but little dogs are cute too.

StrayDog Creative Media
StrayDog Creative Media

  • Lyndsay Lund

    Why Straydog?- Because I'll always show up at mealtimes


    I was recently paroled out of Folsom... 

    Just kidding. 
    I grew up outside of Nashville TN...a WHILE AGO.  I attended the University of TN... A WHILE AGO on a scholarship as a basketball manager for the TN Lady Vols under head coach Pat Summit. We consistently beat UConn during my era. By a lot. So there. 
    I love sports. I have worked in live professional sports broadcasting since 2001 as an associate producer and graphic director. I have gotten to travel all over the world as a result of working on broadcasts with various networks covering the Olympics, the NFL, NBA, NASCAR, and the PGA Tour. I still currently travel multiple weeks a year  for NBC/Golf Channel and the PGA Tour covering their live tournaments. Yes, I have met Tiger. No, he doesn’t ever remember me. 
    I also work locally producing content on digital web and video platforms for various clients throughout our region. So, if you want me to make a sic music mashup vid for your daughter’s wedding or a creative spin on your lawn-care service... call me. I will make it happen. I am constantly involved in projects locally, nationally, globally, etc. I'm not sold on Mars yet but money talks....
    I am the mother of two amazing girls, have too many cats, and also one dog, Pearl, who will tinkle when greeted by non-household residents. 
    Every. Single. Time. 
    But we love her anyway