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About Straydog


A Colloborative Creative Studio of One.. plus countless other professional resources

A rare blend of technical knowledge and creative leadership allows me to direct productions, shoot, edit and deliver. I learned quickly how important it was to have an explicit understanding of your craft. Through my career, I nurtured that insatiable urge to learn more and pursued a variety of skill sets. As a result, I am in a unique position where I can both create the story and deliver it.


Producer/ Director

At the core of every great story lies vision and craft. Creativity doesn’t materialize out of a void though. I firmly believe it takes a concerted effort, candor, and curiosity to arrive at the core story of every project. By asking questions and learning about your brand I develop strategy driven creative.


Edit and Post

A great story without great delivery falls flat. Great editing locks your attention on what is important and guides you through the narrative. This along with things like music, VFX, voice over, and color timing are critical to the success of projects - and are a fundamental part of my projects.

We stand at an exciting time for filmmaking.  Immersive experiences such as mixed reality challenge our expectations of what storytelling looks like while new distribution platforms pop up every week. I am constantly evolving my skill sets to include innovative technology, taking clients along for the ride into exciting new mediums.